Printing the newspaper "Työmies" in Helsinki, Finland.
Printing the newspaper Työmies in Helsinki, Finland, circa 1907. Source: Wikimedia

Here’s a selection of media interviews and reviews of the Landed real estate books.


Since 2007, I’ve appeared occasionally on Radio Television Hong Kong’s Radio 3. In 2021, RTHK began removing programs from its online archive one year after their broadcast date, so there are no links to those interviews.

Since 2007, Christopher Dillon has participated in dozens of interviews on RTHK's Radio 3
In RTHK’s Queensway studio for an interview with James Ross on “Money Talk” on December 29, 2022. Photo: RTHK.


Find Hokkaido Agents: Landed Japan, by Christopher Dillon (Book review)


Spacious Hong Kong: How to buy a property in Hong Kong (Interview)

South China Morning Post: Invest in Hong Kong Property (Interview)


The Correspondent: How to buy a house, or a love hotel, in Japan (Book review)

Britain in Hong Kong: Safe as Houses (Interview)

1 Balcony: Of Earthquakes, Trains and Airports (Interview)


Financial Times: Why more homebuyers are choosing Yokohama over Tokyo (Interview)

SCMP: Japan’s property market lures more Hong Kong investors (Interview)


The Correspondent: Home sweet home? (Book review)

Global Times: With house prices rising rapidly, is it sensible for expats to purchase property in China? (Interview)

2015 Buying a property overseas (Interview/book review)

SCMP: Latest edition of Landed, a users’ guide to Hong Kong’s property market (Interview/book review)

CGTN America: Christopher Dillon on China’s real estate market (TV interview)


SCMP: Buying property in international markets turned one man to books (Interview/book review)

2013 Adding China properties to your shopping cart (Interview/book review)

The Correspondent: The China property punt (Book review)

SCMP: Cheap Japan property an option for Hong Kong investors (Interview/book review)

SCMP: More property buying tips in China (Interview)

The Sun: Invest in overseas properties: Buy Japanese buildings with a 10% return (Interview – traditional Chinese)

SCMP: Property buying hoops in China (Book review)

SCMP: Hong Kong property buyers can turn the tables on mainland Chinese (Book review)

2012 Real estate 101: An introduction to buying property in Hong Kong (Interview/book review)


SCMP: The risky business of dream factories (Interview)

Japan, Inc.: Unlocking Value in Japanese Real Estate (Book Review)


Metropolis Japan: Christopher Dillon (Interview)

China Daily: Japan luring Chinese property shoppers (Interview/book review)

Japan Today: Real estate in Japan: A good time to buy or not? (Interview)

Bloomberg TV (Interview)


SCMP: Move East Helps Dillon climb the property ladder (Interview)

Lifehacker: Photoshoots in Hong Kong Heights (Workspace profile)


SCMP Dymocks Booksellers Nonfiction bestsellers. 24-02-2008 and 02-03-2008
A bestseller!

SCMP: Personal space (Interview)

South China Morning Post (TV interview)

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